Food industry and production equipment

Food enterprises have always been and are now characterized by high labor turnover, often associated with difficult working conditions left over from the Soviet period, as well as a high level of manual labor in production, which does not allow the owners of these enterprises to bring them to a higher level of efficiency.
Therefore, the main task of new generation machines and equipment, in addition to the main technological purpose, is to increase labor productivity, minimize the energy component of production, and create comfortable conditions for maintenance personnel.
Today, when there is some assistance from the state and the EU to small businesses in the field of food production through structural funds, as well as certain support programs (for example, employment in the regions through labor exchanges, investment preferences in the regions – the Program of the current government), it becomes possible to obtain the final product within a single technological chain: the production of agricultural raw materials – their storage and transportation – the development of finished products that would be competitive not only in the domestic but also in foreign markets.
We present equipment for the food industry both in the form of stand-alone machines that can be used autonomously, as well as complete production and technological lines.